3 Metrics for Measuring YouTube Marketing Effectiveness

3 Metrics for Measuring YouTube Marketing Effectiveness

Many businesses and organizations are investing in video as part of their digital marketing strategy, especially recently with the advent of new video technologies that allow for live streaming, virtual reality, and other interactive mediums. For a brand or product to come to life through video can be a compelling and powerful tool to drive sales, messaging and awareness. But how exactly can you measure how effective your video marketing efforts are? Here are three criteria to help you set the bar for success. Metric #1: Setting the Business Goal This is often the most overlooked metric by most businesses and marketers for the simple reason that they do not know what defines the success of a video marketing campaign. If it’s the goal to “go viral,” then how exactly is this defined? And how is it a success? What’s imperative is to set a goal that is quantifiable, because without it it’s impossible to measure success. Usually, that goal is financial success. For your YouTube marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be targeted in a way that will increase business, brand awareness, but the form it takes will be very specific and unique to the business making […]

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